Tomo, what does that mean ?

TOMO in Japanese means "friend", "companion", "together with", "host", or even "in common with," depending on the kanji character with which the word is written. 
TOMO therefore expresses who we are and the simple motivation which unites us. 


What’s Tomo ?

Tomo is designed to answer the perennial question posed to every legendary hotelier: “We love your hotel. Where should we stay next?”

Created by hoteliers to serve hoteliers, TOMO offers access to the places hoteliers love to help their guests choose where they should to go next. It allows people to discover on TOMO exceptional properties across the continents and learning about their values, commitment to community, culture and the environment.

TOMO's promise is simple: Travelers will experience in Tomo’s hotel a stay as memorable and special as the one they treasured with the hotel they knew, hence our slogan… 

« In these hotels we trust. »


Who’s on Tomo ?

Independent hoteliers around the world, who share strong values are invited to sign the TOMO manifesto in the form of a moral commitment : find it here. All members share these values and our sincere commitments the planet, this industry and to our guests.

What’s on Tomo ?

Our most powerful tool for contemporary storytelling is video, hence each hotel aim to produce authentically video to speak their truth.

TOMO is organized into four sections (in addition to geographic criteria and the search engine): 

  • Hands on Our Hearts: Portraits of our community including philanthropic and sustainable initiatives 
  • Mouthwatering: What really happens in the kitchen, the secret of our plates! 
  • Feet First: Take a peek at our surrounding nature and outdoor activities 
  • Eyes Wide Open: Art & cultural around our properties

Can I book an hotel on Tomo ?

Tomo is not and will never be a sales association. It is not a reservation website. If you love the hotel you discover, you can directly take contact with the hotel by clicking on « contact hotel » on his page and their team will take it from there!