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Elena Evstafyeva
Villa Lena

TOMO Hotelier

What do you consider your team’s greatest achievement?
Being able to put themselves always in our clients' shoes.

What do you most value in a hotel for your own holidays?
Being an authentic business

What is one place nearby that every one of your guests should discover?
Castello di Castagneto Carducci

What is your dream journey?
A month long road trip through Chile

What local dish do you never tire of eating?
Pasta, pasta, pasta.

What motivated you to become a hotelier?
It was a lucky coincidence actually.
It was never my plan to open a hotel and to move to Tuscany, but when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn't resist.
My ongoing motivation, however, is to do things differently.

What was your greatest extravagance in creating your hotel?
Setting up the artist residency alongside it. To have some many creative people in residence, contributing with their time doing imaginative workshops or leaving traces of their process through works of art was the biggest extravagance and the biggest soul making moment of the hotel.

Where do you feel happiest on your property?
Among my flowers - its irises in spring & dahlias in autumn.

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