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Marcus Cotton
Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge
Mentor & Managing Director

TOMO Hotelier

What do you consider your team’s greatest achievement?
Surviving through political upheaval, earthquake and pandemic.....and putting up with me for 20 years.

What do you most value in a hotel for your own holidays?
Personal discreet service - the atmosphere that you are in a home not an hotel.

What is one place nearby that every one of your guests should discover?
That is a surprise and will speak to the guest's heart when discovered.

What is your dream journey?
Off the beaten path in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.

What local dish do you never tire of eating?
Dal Bhat Tarkari - the classic Nepalese stable of lentils, rice and curried meat / vegetables. We source locally and prioritise heritage varieties and landraces. Chef Lalu and his team make every meal special.

What motivated you to become a hotelier?
Childhood was spent in a large English country house and summer holidays were heavily involved with attending to guests and visitors. Such was my training before joining the iconic Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in Nepal - the two came together elegantly.

What was your greatest extravagance in creating your hotel?
Doing it properly and not cutting corners or using fake materials - all are genuine and local.

Where do you feel happiest on your property?
On the quiet paths and corners of the lodge grounds where one can meet rare birds such as a Blue-naped Pitta, come face to face with an enormous Eagle Owl or even meet a Leopard.

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