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Anne-laurence Schiepan
Le Collatéral

TOMO Hotelier

What do you consider your team’s greatest achievement?
the happiness of the clients and the creation of a real community

What do you most value in a hotel for your own holidays?
astonishment ( especially in the design and the way of living)

What is one place nearby that every one of your guests should discover?
the Luma Foundation which focuses on the direct relations between art, culture, human rights, environmental topics, education and research.
A truly experimental cultural complex
+ the roman Arenas of course

What is your dream journey?
Arles !!!!!

What local dish do you never tire of eating?
rice from camargue and tellines ( little shelves very local)

What motivated you to become a hotelier?
First the appeal of the city where we settled in , Arles. Second the intemperate interest for meeting new people and talents

What was your greatest extravagance in creating your hotel?
4 rooms in more than 1000 square meters

Where do you feel happiest on your property?
on the marvelous rooftop , looking at Arles' old tile roofs or in the street in front of the impressive fassade, thinking of all the lives the building has had before us

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