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My wife Jerri and I have traveled the world for work and leisure. We have stayed at some of the most wonderful hotels. What we offer here is therefore the result of what we think a truly wonderful stay should be. This is how we like to be treated and the comforts we most enjoy as guests wherever we travel.

We have lived in Thailand for 25 years, I am American and Jerri is Thai. We therefore add to that premise of privacy and luxury hospitality, an authentic local experience quite frankly unlike anywhere else. We love the sound of our guests eating the delicious home cooked meals prepared by Jerri. This is a food experience not available in any other resort, hotel or restaurant. That is unless you order eight different dishes from the menu at every meal. Even then you are not really sure what you have ordered or who cooked it. Here by contrast, you are welcome in our open kitchen, anytime. We want our guests to experience all the delicate nuances, unexpected tastes and exotic flavors of homemade Thai food just as we cook for our friends and family.

Our goal was to redefine the experience of a hotel stay. Everything about this your stay here represents a higher level of indulgence than you can find anywhere else. Impeccable service, lavish palm shaded gardens and award winning architecture. To that we add our delicious, homemade Thai meals that are world-renowned.

An exclusive sanctuary of incomparable tranquility serenity and astonishing beauty, let us invite you to make this your own private resort, to relax in the utmost privacy simply unavailable in other luxury hotels!

We welcome you to visit and truly live experiential travel at it's best!

Howie & Jerri



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