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Luciano Furtini Cardoso
Comuna do Ibitipoca
Comuna do Ibitipoca

TOMO Hotelier

The start of the entire Reserva do Ibitipoca project took place in 1981 with the acquisition of Fazenda do Engenho. The objective was - and still is - to create wildlife corridors connected to the Ibitipoca State Park, a forest unit in Minas Gerais, with approximately 1,400 hectares. The hotel only came almost 30 years later, in 2009. The idea of opening doors to tourism arose from the desire to share the exuberant local nature with ecotourism lovers and, thus, offer a unique and exclusive experience.

Here, we are guided by well-being. For this reason, we value the local community, art, culture, organic food production and the practice of physical activities. Our main focus is to help create a fertile environment for the flowering of happiness.

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