Wa Ale

Yangon, Myanmar

Luxury private accommodations on a one kilometre white sand beach with eleven Tented Beach Villas, three Treetop Villas plus four Beach Houses on the private Honeymoon Beach. Wa Ale Resort was built by local Burmese craftsmen piece by piece from reclaimed wood sourced from old buildings and homes from Southern Myanmar and locally sourced stone. All windows and shutters are recycled from old schools and homes with all furnishings were designed by Christopher and Farina Kingsley, the owners of Wa Ale Resort. Wa Ale Resort's goal is to create minimal disturbance to the beach environment and to follow eco-friendly architectural and building practices.

Wa Ale Resort created the Lampi Foundation to help fund the local Moken fishing villages. These small communities are the homes to the historically oppressed sea gypsies whom have lived in the Mergui/Myeik Archipelago for centuries. The people of the Moken villages need aid for education, medical care as well as job opportunities. The Lampi Foundation, partially funded by Wa Ale Resort, acknowledges and hopes to empower local villagers through education to help safeguard the flora, fauna and sea life in the archipelago; encouraging the communities to be ambassadors of the region.

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Wa Ale Island
Wa Ale - Yangon, Myanmar

Wa Ale is a luxury retreat on the 5,000-acre island of Wa Ale located in the Lampi Marine National Park, a designated ASEAN Marine Heritage Park, in Southern Myanmar.