Ahangama, GALLE, Sri Lanka

Tri is a contemporary eleven room hotel, designed to allow guests maximum proximity to the extraordinary natural beauty surrounding it. Award-winning architect, Raefer Wallis of A00 Architects, and his team created Tri guided by its surroundings and fortified by an all-encompassing sustainable philosophy. In their words:

"The masterplan for the site is based on the golden ratio and the spirals created from the fibonacci sequence. The design philosophy for the project was to preserve and celebrate the beauty of the land and its surroundings and to use nature as the guiding principle. The sequence flows through each design intent from siting of structures to their dimensions.

Using the spiral, as all plants, leaves, branches and flowers do, each structure is placed along a spiral path. Each structure has its place, and its location is specific to a view corridor. The slope of the land, shaped much like a jewel allowed for siting of structures to benefit from being at different elevations and also facilitating reduced impact on the land."

The result is a masterpiece of forward-thinking flair where mathematical marries artistic, and intelligence embraces emotion. Living walls, green roofs, solar arrays, edible gardens and entirely local materials unify accommodations and landscape. Sequential spaces emanate from a central water tower that captures spectacular 360° views. Creative experiences stimulate body, mind and soul, proudly showcasing Sri Lanka’s finest ingredients, materials, services and facilities.

Romantic, peaceful, idyllic, diverse. Tri has a 12+ policy.

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