Muang La Lodge

Muang La, Oudom Xay. , Laos

Muang La lodge is the perfect place to discover northern Laos while being in an environment that allows you to fully integrate into nature. From the lodge we can radiate through the Laotian nature in order to discover authentic landscapes far from mass tourism. Namely primary tropical forests, but also rice fields lurking at the bottom of the valleys, as well as obviously a mosaic of the 60 ethnic groups who inhabit the region of North Laos.
The lodge is built on a plot of about 2 hectares with the particularity of having hot springs which have been used by the villagers for centuries to relieve themselves from various ailments. Every evening we capture the hot springs in baths more than 4 meters high so that we can enjoy an exceptional point of view. From Muang La we can go explore northern Laos or simply enjoy the nearby environment because the lodge is in a beautiful village which is home to the so-called Lao Loum and Khamu ethnic groups. Contact with the local population is permanent.
Muang La lodge is the ideal place to discover this Laotian culture. Whether it is Buddhist culture, the peasant world (for example: initiation to the cultivation of rice), the cult of spirits always very present as well as a way of life which has hardly changed for a very long time.

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Discover Laos with Muang La Lodge
Muang La Lodge - Muang La, Oudom Xay. , Laos

Offering an unexpected level of comfort in a remote corner of northern Laos, Muang La Lodge offer an experience rich in tradition and customs. An absolute must for connoisseurs of travel who wish to explore the more remote parts of SE Asia.