Comuna do Ibitipoca


The hotel was opened to generate economic growth in the region, to become a truly sustainable project and also as a consequence of the desire to receive people and share its exuberant nature. There are 6000 hectares of natural and historical wealth and being in touch with the local population. Engenho Lodge, has eight large suites, which are decorated uniquely, with a large dose of elegant rustic flair, ideal for groups or families. Plus, a new concept of accommodations known as the Village in charming Mogol. Run independently from the main lodge, this is where the vegetarian Yucca restaurant is located. A third group of accommodations, known as the Remote options, are found in the middle of nowhere. These include the panoramic Isgoné Loft and the two-bedroom Areião House; both equipped with their own kitchens. The reforestation project, the wellness programs, several waterfalls, miles and miles of trails, amazing horses and e-bikes, stand up paddle and healthy, organic food are few of the highlights.

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Ibitipoca Sensations
Comuna do Ibitipoca - LIMA DUARTE, MINAS GERAIS, Brazil

An eco-conscious estate developed on more than 12,000 acres of former farmland. Run with irresistible passion for nature, the local community and culture, the Comuna is an immersive experience.